Solidoodle 3D Printer Unboxing!

I have wanted to get into 3D printing for a while now; I ordered a Solidoodle on May 11th, and it has arrived! I have waited months for this. Here is a great blog about how to get started with this machine. I went with the expert model due to the heated build platform and a case. One of my friends was having some fairly serious issues with his RepRap because he did not have the heated platform. I decided that it was important to have that feature due to his challenges. The case was important due to the presence of cats. The last thing you want is hair in your prints or a heat treated cat. It is going to sit on my workbench next to my Shapeoko mini mill. Here are some pictures of the unboxing:

What is in the box?

What is that?

It’s a 3D Printer!
It came packed to the gills with bubble wrap. That is going to be fun later!

Here is a view of what the inside looks like.

I ordered some more ABS…

And there she is next to my Shapeoko!